Tuesday, June 16, 2009

creatures from my childhood

When I get around to it, I want to make a post about the wonderful Children's Writing and Illustration Conference I went to in Utah but for now here's another drawing:
These are Unirats! Magical creatures that are very cute and you could carry in your pocket, but watch out they bite :) they may also put a spell on you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

first post!

Welcome to My blog! I'll be using this blog to post my artwork and sketches. I'm very nice and I don't bite so feel free to leave me a comment or critique :) Enjoy.
This is a rough charter expressions sheet for "Tammy" a character in a story I've been working on called "Roundabout" You'll probably be seeing a lot more drawing from Roundabout.
And here is a colored sketch of the main character in my "roundabout" story. Her Name is Michelle. She's based off my sister Robin when she was a kid. :)

some old water color I did.. I'm going to upload some new stuff I swear!

A fun sketch of a Tibetan girl I really like how this came out.